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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jewelry Boxes and Armoires

From Carly Wickell,
Your Guide to Jewelry / Accessories

The jewelry boxes in my "top picks" collection are all unique -- they're containers that would be perfect for people who like to break away from the norm. Some are sculpted, like the jewelry box formed in the face of a woman and painted with brightly colored flowers. A few are wooden with sterling silver trim, like the Morpier box shown here. Jewelry armoires make up another collection. They are large jewelry boxes -- most of them fit into the furniture category. Armoires are usually tall, with several drawers, and the drawers are sometimes hidden behind doors. Nearly all armoires have areas with hooks (or another type of apparatus) for hanging necklaces or other jewelry. Smaller jewelry boxes and large armoires are both popular holiday gifts, so if you're looking for one don't wait too long or your selections will be more limited.


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