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Monday, May 7, 2007

World's Most Expensive Watches

Girard-Perregaux Opera One
This platinum timepiece features an alligator band and posseses a "Westminster" minute repeater and tourbillon with three gold bridges, manual winding, 75-hour power reserve and a see-through backing. If $495,000 just barely surpasses your budget, the rose gold version retails for a slightly more affordable $450,000. For more information, visit

Breguet Double Tourbillon

This grand complication, double-tourbillon watch with a 95% pure platinum case is hand-engraved with an image of the solar system. The blued-steel Breguet hands are wound manually.
For more information, visit

IWC Grande Complication

With 659 parts and 75 jewels, IWC's Grande Complication is one of the most intricate wristwatches on the market. The calendar and movement showcase are so advanced, you can set your watch to chime every hour, quarter-hour or even every minute. For more information, visit

Patek Philippe Celestial Watch

This white-gold, manual-wound piece displays hours and minutes on solar time, with a sky chart, phases and orbits of the moon. Yes, all that complexity fits neatly on the watch's face.
For more information, visit


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