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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Peggy Carey's Wooden Aromatherapy Jewelry

From Carly Wickell,
Your Guide to Jewelry / Accessories.

About Peggy Carey: Peggy Carey discovered a passion when she was introduced to holistic health care, especially when that care is applied to animals. She has organized Natural Pet Care Expos, bringing in experts to educate attendees on many subjects related to holistic care. A little tuxedo cat named Sadeeky inspired Peggy to build a non-profit, no-kill pet shelter in her native state of Virginia.

Essential Oils: Peggy is a proponent of many types of holistic therapies for people and their animal companions, but seems to have found her true passion in essential oils. Her wooden jewelry is a result of that passion, and was inspired by the desire to give people a way to surround themselves with their favorite essential oils in a beautiful way -- and without toting around a large bottle.

Peggy's Whiffers (tm): Whiffers pendants are hand crafted vessels made by woodworking artist Ron Carey. Peggy designed Whiffers with 12 diffuser vents that open into each vessel's brass-lined chamber. Caps and trims on Whiffers are made from 24K gold plated metals, and each pendant hangs from a black cord. I'm going to try hanging the pendants from silk ribbons that I keep around when I want to vary the look of my jewelry.

Just one or two drops of essential oils placed onto the cotton wick inside the Whiffer is all it takes to release the aroma -- and the scent is long-lasting.

Peggy's Slimlines: Slimlines are graceful, smooth-sided pendants with a 24K gold plated threaded top that unscrews to reveal a 1 ml removable glass vial. Keep your favorite essential oil in the vial, or use it to hold any other perfume or potion that's dear to you. Slimlines are about 2-1/4" long and 1/2" wide.

The Woods: Ron uses a wide variety of hardwoods to craft these pendants. They're all natural, so colors can vary. A few of the woods used are ebony, sandalwood, rosewood, holly, osage orange, and certified Ancient Kauri wood and Holy Land olivewood.

The pendants are incredibly smooth, a result of Ron's expert finishing skills. The wood grain is unique to every pendant, and makes the vessels touchable -- the surface is smooth, but pendants have a visual, organic texture that makes them comforting to touch.


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