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Friday, June 1, 2007

The king of celebrity jewellery bling

Theo Fennell's trademark diamond crosses have adorned the necks of Elton John, the Beckhams and the Rolling Stones but, he tells Nick Mathiason, he has had little support from a City which would rather invest in dotcoms than a lovely tiara
found Sunday December 24, 2006 found at The ObserverThe super-rich are different. They really are. What touches them is not what touches the rest of us and trying to keep a sense of perspective behind the counter when someone spends the equivalent of a small flat on a whim is very difficult,' says Theo Fennell, the glitterati's favourite jewellery designer.
Refined and disarming, Fennell, 55, is an old Etonian whose plummy, smoky tones hint at a hedonistic past. Using his charm and debonair wit, the Chelsea-based bon vivant has cultivated rock stars and celebrities as clients.


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