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Monday, May 7, 2007

World's Most Expensive Watches

Girard-Perregaux Opera One
This platinum timepiece features an alligator band and posseses a "Westminster" minute repeater and tourbillon with three gold bridges, manual winding, 75-hour power reserve and a see-through backing. If $495,000 just barely surpasses your budget, the rose gold version retails for a slightly more affordable $450,000. For more information, visit

Breguet Double Tourbillon

This grand complication, double-tourbillon watch with a 95% pure platinum case is hand-engraved with an image of the solar system. The blued-steel Breguet hands are wound manually.
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IWC Grande Complication

With 659 parts and 75 jewels, IWC's Grande Complication is one of the most intricate wristwatches on the market. The calendar and movement showcase are so advanced, you can set your watch to chime every hour, quarter-hour or even every minute. For more information, visit

Patek Philippe Celestial Watch

This white-gold, manual-wound piece displays hours and minutes on solar time, with a sky chart, phases and orbits of the moon. Yes, all that complexity fits neatly on the watch's face.
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World's Most Expensive Diamond

Sotheby’s D-Grade Flawless Diamond
Price: $16 million
Carats: 108

This flawless white diamond is arguably the finest of its kind for sale anywhere in the world. What makes it extraordinary isn’t so much its heft--a generous 108 carats--as its nearly total absence of flaws.
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Mouawad Diamond Necklace

Price: $12 million
Carats: 70 (for the largest stone)
This necklace of white and colored diamonds was once displayed at London’s Natural History Museum and is currently owned by the Robert Mouawad as part of his collection housed in Geneva, Switzerland, which contains his higher-end pieces. The largest jewel in the necklace is a 70-carat white sparkler.

Leviev Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

Price: $10 Million
Carats: 77.12
“Fancy vivid” is the highest rating you can give a colored stone, and London jeweler and Israeli diamond tycoon Lev Leviev is offering for sale one of the world’s most spectacular. Leviev, who controls the third largest group of diamond mines in the world, got this stone from one of his own diggings. It hangs from a white diamond necklace.
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Graff Fancy Vivid Pink Pear Shaped Diamond

Price: $10 Million
Carats: 13

Graff doesn’t loan diamonds to celebrities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own piece of red carpet bling. Collectors will be clamoring for this beauty, mounted in a platinum ring with white pear-shaped diamonds on both sides.
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Harry Winston Fancy Intense Pink Diamond with two Trapezoid Diamonds
Price: $8.3 Million
Carats: 10.11

Pinks are among the rarest of colored diamonds, and this particular stone is one of the largest offered on the market today. The diamond displays a 100% pure pink color that is evenly distributed and saturated to a degree found only in the best vivid-grade diamonds. Clarity rating: VVS1.
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de Grisogono Green Diamond
Price: $7.3 Million
Carats: 25.06

Colored diamonds, specifically green ones, rarely come to market, which helps account for the relatively high price of this one from de Grisogono. The 25-carat GIA-certified VS1stone is set in white gold with 382 black diamonds (7 carats’ worth) surrounding it.
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Van Cleef & Arpels Drape de Diamants
Price: $2.5 Million
Carats: Varied

This one-of-a-kind, deco-inspired necklace has two emerald-cut diamonds (5.4 carats combined), seven Asscher cut diamonds (10.7 carats), 268 marquise-cut diamonds (75 carats) and 63 baguette diamonds (6.05 carats) mounted in white gold. It was designed in 1935, but not executed until 2006, requiring some 2,100 hours to complete.
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Neil Lane Diamond and platinum ring
Price: $1.5 Million
Carats: 15

Worn by Madonna and other celebrities, this Neil Lane diamond and platinum ring features a D color, 15-carat cushion cut center diamond set in platinum with diamond inlays.
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De Beers Kiss of the Rose
Price: $1.2 Million
Carats: 10.09

The “Kiss of the Rose” features a flawless, pear-shaped, rose-cut diamond so clear that through it you can see a fancy intense pink .08 carat diamond set beneath. The two stones, in a platinum setting, are kept company by 2.49 carats of white pave diamonds.
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de Grisogono Black Diamond Ring
Price: $1.2 Million
Carats: 83.39
A black diamond is rare enough--but one 84 carats in weight is almost unheard of. This de Grisogono black diamond in a contrasting yellow gold setting is accompanied by 958 fancy yellow pave diamonds (8 carats’ worth) and two smaller black diamonds to either side.
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Neil Lane for DeBeersDiamond Necklace$1 million-plus

(£600,000, €800,000, 44.1 million rupees, C$1.2 million, A$1.4 million)
Macho Guy Equivalent: 34 top-of-the-line Kiton "Made to Measure" suits
When it comes to standing out on the red carpet, Hollywood's elite turns to Neil Lane. Known for his one-of-a-kind diamond creations, the L.A.-based jewelry designer is currently a Brand Ambassador for DeBeers, a job he describes as a lot of "parading around." This elegant, Edwardian "festooned" piece, which is part of a necklace-and-earring set, includes 175 EDF flawless white diamonds for a total of around 50 carats. Throw in another 5.63 carats per earring, set it all in platinum, and she'll definitely be ready for her close up!

BulgariSapphire and Diamond Necklace$1 million-plus

(£600,000, €800,000, 44.1 million rupees, C$1.2 million, A$1.4 million)
Macho Guy Equivalent: Six pairs of Holland & Holland Royal Side by Side shotguns
Talk about a cocktail party conversation stopper. This stunning sapphire and diamond necklace from Bulgari is practically dripping with jewels, including a multitude of sapphires and 951 round-cut diamonds for a total weight of 66.5 carats, all of it lovingly arrayed in shimmering yellow gold. The piece is part of Bulgari's High Jewelry Collection, which may or may not be named for its price points.

ChanelD-Flawless Bracelet Watch$1.9 million

(£1.1 million, €1.6 million, 83.8 million rupees, C$2.2 million, A$2.6 million)
Macho Guy Equivalent: 93 '06 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glides
There are two types of watches at the high end of the dial: those that intrigue with complications, and those that dazzle with jewels. For Valentine's Day, we feature one of the latter just for her. Part of Chanel's globe-hopping Collection Privee, the D-Flawless Bracelet Watch is arrayed in 18-karat white gold with 120 cultured pearls of 6 millimeters to 6.5mm diameter, and 133 diamonds for a total weight of 35.1 carats, including 32 brilliant-cut diamonds of 1 carat per. Oh, and it tells time, too.

Tiffany & Co.Regal Pear Shape Diamond Pendant set in platinum$2.5 million

(£700,000, €1.1 million, 57.3 million rupees, C$1.5 million, A$1.8 million)
Macho Guy Equivalent: Prewar Classic Six Co-op on Park Avenue in Manhattan
Showstopper or credit-limit topper? Either way, Tiffany's Majestic Diamond Necklace will be center stage wherever it's displayed. With a fluid design that lies softly on the neck--and really, what other way is there?--this glittering choker evokes breathtaking glamour, with a 41.4-carat, pear-shaped diamond accompanied by a multitude of round and pear-shaped diamonds. Each stone is top-of-the-crust in color and clarity, of course, as is the pretty blue box it comes in.

LevievFancy Pink and White Diamond NecklaceClose to $2 million

(£1.1 million, €1.7 million, 88.2 million rupees, C$2.3 million, A$2.7 million)
Macho Guy Equivalent: 15 '06 H1 Alpha Open Top Hummers
With its forte in colored diamonds already set in stone, Leviev continues to up the ante on hue with this Fancy Vivid Pink, Fancy Deep Pink and White Diamond Necklace, including a whopping 97.9 carats in pear-shaped and round, brilliant cuts. It took more than a year to find and piece together the rare stones in platinum--but by its looks, the piece was obviously worth the wait. Look for the new Leviev flagship store opening on Old Bond Street in London this spring.

William GoldbergFancy Colored Diamond Necklace$2 million

(£1.1 million, €1.7 million, 88.2 million rupees, C$2.3 million, A$2.7 million)
Macho Guy Equivalent: 171 cases of '95 Chateau Petrus (Pomerol)
Whatever the color of her eyes, there's something to match them in this fancy diamond necklace by William Goldberg, a family-run jeweler for more than 50 years on New York's Fifth Avenue. The lovely necklace is pieced together from 45 carats of fancy colored diamonds, every last one of them natural and microset in platinum and 18-karat yellow gold. Just wait and see her friends turn colors with envy.

Graff Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring$2 million-plus

(£1.1 million, €1.7 million, 88.2 million rupees, C$2.3 million, A$2.7 million)
Macho Guy Equivalent: 22 guided climbs up Mt. Everest, including extra oxygen and tips
We could think up a lot better uses for Graff's Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring than a mere Valentine's Day gift--for instance, a proposal--but given the season, it'll have to do. The blue hue is the key to the diamond's cache and price, as fancy diamonds of such deep blue color are extraordinarily rare. Chiseled with a striking emerald cut, the 2.4-carat diamond is set in platinum amidst white diamond-tapered baguettes.

most expensive at Krasnoyarsk jewelry

Jewelry set made by Krastsvetmet named most expensive at Krasnoyarsk jewelry exhibition (Photo)
4/19/2007 6:55:00 PM

"Megapolis" jewelry set was the most expensive one at "Precious Metals of Siberia" exhibition. The set consists of a platinum ring, earrings, and a necklace with big diamonds worth more than $25,000.

Jewelers admit that Krasnoyarsk citizens prefer to buy expensive diamond jewelry at the jewelry exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition work "Africa" golden necklace made in one copy was bought at the stand of Krasnoyarsk Nonferrous Metals Plant named after Gulidov. According to Krastsvetmet stand officials, the necklace had been exhibited at Russia's biggest jewelry exhibitions and was widely popular, so it had been bought before the exhibition opening.

The most expensive jewelry brought to Krasnoyarsk exhibition from Moscow was a golden and diamond set "Diamond World" worth $15,000.
The average price for the expensive jewelry was more than $7,000 at Krasnoyarsk exhibition. According to a specialist of Moscow Jewelry Plant, both mass and exclusive jewelry were exhibited. However, it is expensive jewelry that are in demand among Krasnoyarsk visitors.

Million-Dollar Rocks 2006

Harry Winston

Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings$8.5 million
(£4.9 million, €7.1 million, 374.9 million rupees, C$9.8 million, A$11.5 million)
Macho Guy Equivalent: 30,249 boxes Partagas Limited Reserve Robusto cigars
Say, these will make her ears ring--and the cash register, too. The House of Winston really knows how to dress up the extremities, as these glittering Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings prove. As simple as icicles, yet a lot longer lasting, each will set her lobes glimmering with two pear-shaped diamonds in a platinum setting. That's 60.1 carats all together, and all of it stunning.
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