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Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Beauty of Amber Jewelry

by: wyspa

The simplest and at the same time most subjective evaluation of amber jewelry by a user of admirer is to say whether it is beautiful or not. Contemporary amber artifacts produced by artists initially tend to surprise us with their otherness, in the same manner as any other art does, for instance painting or sculpture, or jewelry ornamented with gemstones. But modernity means otherness.

The extremely exceptional so-called "amber in amber" may become dazzlingly beautiful in the hands of a skillful artist. To find or excavate amber with opalescent surfaces depends less on skills and more on luck. This, however, comes about very seldom.

Some people are interested only in amber as perfectly transparent as many other precious stones in which nothing is going on inside. In such a case a more opulent setting must compensate the lack of unique features.Raw amber for mass production started to be clarified and pressed as early as in the 19th century. Its color could be freely altered, often in order to make necklaces from beads in one shade of color and transparency.

The trend initiated at the end of the 1960s by the Fietkiewicz family in Gdynia was followed by other amber centers, resulting in a high standard of amber working in Poland today. The "gem of the north", the most splendid beauty of which is revealed by artist's mastery, is often left without any setting, like Neolithic and ancient artifacts. Some amber products, rich in amber shapes and varieties, like necklace beads, spherical or flat pendants, beads on leather strip or just hemp or cotton string, gain in additional value in this way. Nothing spoils the sheer beauty of amber; its mysterious interior is not rivaled by some alien even though most magnificent ornamentation of a setting.

One may never stop writing about amber and amber jewelry. The mineral's charm never fades away, owing to its beauty and to its history so remote and ancient and at the same time ever more close to us. Its legends and magic always feel our very own.

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