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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wedding Jewelry

by: gem-fashion

Jewelry is a part of the bridal ensemble that should be chosen very thoroughly. The day after the wedding you put your gown and veil into a box, but jewelry is to be enjoyed over the years. Many would-be brides are at a great loss when choosing jewelry pieces for their big day. Finding something beautiful, matching and becoming is never easy…

The first and the most important rule is to follow the motif of your gown. Depending whether it is classic, vintage, eclectic etc, choose the jewelry that does not contradict your general style

But, in fact, it’s not as difficult to choose the bridal jewelry as it may seem at first. The second thing is to decide whether you want to wear your bridal jewelry after the wedding day. If so, opt for something neutral, the jewelry you can combine with your evening gowns or office clothes if work takes most of your time.

In case you really want to have a big day where you play the part of the queen and are ready to pay for that, don’t agree for less than jewelry masterpieces, better if they are made exclusively for you by jewelry designers.

Remember that balance is the key. Don’t make your image too heavy by wearing too sparkling dress if your jewelry is a statement in its own. Don’t afraid to seem plain. A seemingly simple wedding gown is not a faux paus. On the contrary, skill to combine and compliment clothes, jewelry and accessories is one of the most essential laws of style.

Don’t forget the second style basics. Less is really more!! If you’ve decided on long dangling earrings don’t put a necklace on, otherwise it will look too heavy. Vice versa, in case you have a statement-like necklace, opt for small stud earrings. Your hair style is to take into consideration as well. First, make an appointment with your hairstylist and discuss what you want for the wedding day, and only then shop for your bridal jewelry.

Make the most of what you have! It is flattering to wear make-up and clothes that underline your strong sides and distract attention from what you do not want to reveal. This rule is applicable to bridal jewelry as well. If you, for instance, have a luxurious cleavage, certainly you will opt for a low -cut dress. Why not compliment this beauty wearing a nice eye-catching necklace. Or, on the contrary, avoid backless gowns and necklaces cascading down your spine unless you have a perfect smooth-skinned back.

All in all, the most vital rule is to wear the gown and jewelries you feel confident and comfortable in. If you are perfectly sure you’re irresistibly gorgeous, nobody else will doubt it.

About the Author
Elena Zharina is Russian, 23 years old, fashion designer by education and writes because she loves to. In addition to writing about fashion, she is a jewelry maker. She is known for her colorful, funky and daring Mahjong tile stretch bracelets.


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